East County Locations

Bay Point Family Health Center
215 Pacific Avenue
Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Pittsburg Health Clinic
2311 Loveridge Rd
Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Estela Cerda
Lead Promotora

I Am Equality
Promoting Healthy Latino Families

Low access to healthcare is a serious issue for struggling Latino families living in the Pittsburg/Bay Point area. Many work in low-paying jobs and have difficulty buying food, no less health insurance. Our Promotoras (health promoters) connect Spanish-speaking residents to the healthcare services and prevention education they need to lead healthy, self-sufficient lives.

What is the Promotoras Program?
Latin Family
Photo by ** Ahimsa **

The program is a unique partnership with Contra Costa County Health Services in an effort to reduce health disparities among Latinos.

The Promotoras are Spanish-speaking CHD staff who work on-site at the Bay Point Health Center and Pittsburg Health Clinic.

By being based in the clinics, they are able to more effectively link Latino residents to the county's healthcare system.

Advocates for Healthcare Access

Our Promotoras reduce health disparities by helping Latino families to:

  • Establish a primary healthcare "home" with a doctor or clinic
  • Obtain initial medical and dental appointments
  • Apply for publicly funded health benefits
  • Talk with their healthcare providers about medical issues
  • Access health and community resources
  • Comply with medication instructions
  • Take personal responsibility for their health

Workshops for Healthier Lives

Free health education classes taught in Spanish honor and acknowledge our clients' Latino culture. Workshops help participants learn how to prepare nutritious meals, prevent illness and manage chronic diseases common among Latinos such as diabetes.

Each class is taught over several weeks and also serves as a support group, motivating participants to be accountable, practice new skills and make lasting lifestyle changes.

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