Did you know?
African Americans have the county's highest rate of:
  • Death from high blood pressure
  • Infant death
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma hospitalization
We can help
  • Healthcare coordination and advocacy
  • Prevention and wellness classes
  • Support groups
Bay Point Family Health Center
215 Pacifica Avenue
Bay Point

Nicco Turner, MA
Health Conductor

Pittsburg Health Clinic
2311 Loveridge Road
Pittsbur, CA 94565

Riquel Neal
Health Conductor

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I Am Wisdom
African American Health Conductors
Standing Up For Healthy Families

The Bay Point/Pittsburg area is home to some of Contra Costa's most disadvantaged families. Many live from paycheck to paycheck, can't afford health insurance and rarely see a doctor. Our health conductors help African American residents in East County to navigate the county's healthcare system and to prevent illness through learning healthy choices.

Who are the African American
Health Conductors?
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Based at the Bay Point Family Health Center, African American Health Conductors are personal healthcare advocates and educators for underserved African American men, women and children.

We reduce health disparities by helping individuals and families to:

  • Establish a primary healthcare "home" with a doctor or clinic
  • Obtain initial medical and dental appointments
  • Apply for publicly funded health benefits
  • Talk with their healthcare providers about medical issues
  • Access health and community resources
  • Comply with medication instructions
  • Take personal responsibility for their health

Health Classes and Support Groups

Health issues such as poor nutrition, diabetes, hypertension and HIV are prevalent in the African American community. Our classes in these and other topics help clients gain the motivation and knowledge to manage chronic disease, stay active and live healthier lives.

We also facilitate educational support groups that provide practical health information and a place to share common challenges, from raising a healthy baby to managing the stress of parenting. Groups include Soul to Soul I for women over 50 and Body and Soul for men and women.

Services are provided in partnership with Contra Costa Health Services.

Center for Human Development, 901 Sunvalley Blvd., Suite 220, Concord, CA 94520, 925.687.8844